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Machine's and industrial chimney X Y Z alignment survey services Using a total station survey machine for machine alignment involves the following steps:
1. *Setup*: Position the total station at a known point and set up the instrument properly. Make sure it's level and its orientation is aligned with the machine axis.
2. *Target Points*: Place reflective targets on the machine's reference points. These could be on specific components that need alignment.
3. *Measurements*: Use the total station to measure the coordinates of the reflective targets on the machine. This will give you the actual positions of those points.
4. *Calculation*: Calculate the desired position of the reference points based on the machine's specifications or design.
5. *Comparison*: Compare the actual measured positions with the desired positions. Calculate the deviations in terms of distance and angles.
6. *Adjustment*: Based on the deviations, make adjustments to the machine's position or components as needed. This could involve moving, rotating, or aligning specific parts.
7. *Re-measure*: After making adjustments, re-measure the positions of the reflective targets on the machine to ensure that the desired alignment has been achieved.
8. *Validation*: Confirm that the deviations are within acceptable tolerances. If necessary, repeat the adjustment and measurement process until alignment is satisfactory.
9. *Documentation*: Record the measurements, deviations, adjustments, and final aligned positions for future reference.
Keep in mind that the specific steps might vary based on the type of machine and alignment required. It's essential to have a good understanding of both the total station and the machine's alignment requirements before performing this process.


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